Juhi Gupta 
b. 1998


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CV / Resume


The Breathe Act

July 2020

The BREATHE Act is a federal bill introduced by leaders from the Movement for Black Lives in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and Black Lives Matter protests across the country. Based on existing branding, I created graphics for activists and influencers to share on their social media accounts for the coordinated launch of The Breathe Act on July 7, 2020. These graphics were shared via a toolkit as well as spread organically throughout the launch. 

Instagram Carousel #1

Instagram Carousel #2

This toolkit had an extremely fast turnaround and required feedback from multiple stakeholders, which made the project, while exciting and culturally significant, challenging to accomplish. I had to develop the language for these graphics based on a variety of already approved materials, such as email and website copy, bill text, and talking points, and I had only vague guidance on look, feel, branding, and style. 

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Instagram Stories

These graphics and the accompanying copy were used to generate hype about the #BREATHEAct and drive new subscribers to our client’s email list. Our total social engagement (interactions with Twitter and Instagram posts with our hashtag) was 325k, we got over 5k signatures on our petition (also helping us grow our email list upwards of 30k subscribers!), and our estimated reach from celebrity posts was 56 million. Here’s a selection of the celebrities and influencers who shared my graphics, including Kerry Washington, Amy Schumer, Harry Shum Jr., Kendrick Sampson, and Alicia Keys!