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August 2020

On July 21, 2020, Tianna Arata, a 20 year old activist and woman of color, organized a Black Lives Matter-adjacent protest in San Luis Obispo, Calif. After the protest, Tianna was unjustly arrested on camera – police and the conservative DA’s office targeted her for being an outspoken Black female activist, and charged her with absurd felonies for exercising her First Amendment rights, likely to make an example out of her.

On an extremely short timeframe, we were tasked with creating collateral for Tianna. The goal was twofold: we had to inform the local SLO community of her case and present a cohesive, branded front, in order to generate the level of national attention required to pressure the DA into dropping the case. Most importantly, collateral was needed for a major press conference and protest in August, for which celebrities and activists were traveling from LA to speak on behalf of Tianna and Black Lives Matter.

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We designed flyers for local organizers to post around San Luis Obispo, social media graphics to spread Tianna’s story online, signs for protestors to hold at the press conference and subsequent rallies, a banner for the podium, and mobile billboards roving both the courthouse and city hall for two weeks, culminating on the day the press conference was held. The digital billboard served an estimated 232,000 impressions. The physical collateral in concert presented a unified front for the Free Tianna Coalition against the DA’s office and took over the city of San Luis Obispo, and subsequently bolstered Tianna’s defense.

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Due to our efforts, national media outlets picked up Tianna’s story in response to the local hype we were able to generate, giving Tianna necessary exposure and air time. The Free Tianna Coalition was also able to crowdfund tens of thousands of dollars to cover Tianna’s legal expenses. As a result of months of community organizing and pressure on the c

onservative DA, Tianna’s charges were first dropped to misdemeanors. A further win was achieved when the San Luis Obispo Superior Court disqualified the entire San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office from prosecuting Tianna’s case, citing a conflict of interest. As it stands today, the SLO DA’s office has filed for a gag order to silence the defendants and their attorneys, and protestors are continuing to fight for justice on behalf of Tianna and all the other activists who were charged. ⌘

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