A journey east to Taiwan

Chapter I: Taipei and Tainan
August 2016

In August of 2016, I took a trip to Taiwan along with my friends Chris and Jeffrey. We traveled up and down both coasts by bullet train and AirBnb. Below are photos from the first leg of our trip, after we landed in Taipei and made our way down to the historical town of Tainan.

We started off eating __ at a small bakery in Taipei with Jeffrey’s family friend Mimiai. After the very cheap breakfast, we left our luggage in Mimiai’s apartment.

With just our backpacks, we took the bullet train down to Tainan – the oldest city in Taiwan, often considered the country’s birthplace. We explored the city on foot, in blistering heat.


We visited the Anping Tree House 安平樹屋 in the colonial quarters of historic Tainan, a former warehouse overgrown with old banyan trees. 


With the threat of rain looming, we made our way through the rest of Tainan, stopping to get food at one of the many roadside stalls.

To close the day, we headed to a popular beach for the sunset.


We closed the day by heading home to our surprisingly nice AirBnb, before one last nighttime escapade (not pictured here.)

Copyright 2017 by Juhi Gupta.